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What will this Program do for your Business?

Sometimes good news travels fast. In the realm of American business, word is spreading, and the word is massage - particularly massage in a specially designed chair, dubbed "minimassage" by Time Magazine. Workers are finding the minimassage better for relief of stress and fatigue than coffee breaks or martini lunches.

In the typical on-site massage, which takes about 20 minutes and costs much less than a full body treatment, the client remains fully clothed, sitting on a specially designed massage chair.

More and more companies are putting their money where their stress is.
Apple Computer in California, Merrill Lynch Headquarters in New York, the Boeing Company in Seattle, the art department of the Dallas Herald Tribune, Microsoft in Redmond- these are a sampling of places where employers have provided the relief of an onsite massage aimed at neck, back and shoulders.

At H.S. Dakin Co., a publishing house based in San Francisco, a company manager says, "You wouldn't believe the difference in this place." He notes that morale and productivity have gone up significantly.

As health care costs have skyrocketed, corporations are becoming more receptive to health promotion. Documentation shows that for every dollar a company spends on health, it receives 5 dollars in return.

Good business sense comes down in favor of higher productivity and lower absenteeism. So do the comments of employers, managers, and the clients themselves. Surveys bring out statements like, "My energy level has increased". "The massage makes me more alert". "It re-ignites and relaxes us, but not to the point of tiredness." "It's a great way to break up the day and a real morale booster."

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